Welcome to our online jewlery & beading supply store!

We are an online bead store in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, specialized in semi-precious stone beads, wood beads and cubic zirconia beads. After 10 successful years in the beads and jewelry business, we introduced our store to ETSY in 2015: http://www.beadxpert.etsy.com

After two years of selling our products exclusively on ETSY, we decided to finally launch our own website: http://www.beadxpert.com

www.beadxpert.com is our new bead shop powered by ETSY. Our ETSY shop will be our main shop and items from both sites will cost the same and reflect identical stock quantities, the only difference between the shops being the additional items that are occasionally exclusive to www.beadxpert.com. Additionally, special coupons are occasionally mailed to our new shop customers.

Our store features all kinds of beading supplies for all kinds of enthusiasts. Whether you wish to make a mala necklace for meditation or make jewelry for your business, our large selection of semi-precious stone beads, wood beads, cubic zirconia beads, findings, pearls and other items is sure to satisfy all kinds of bead lovers.

Best of luck and enjoy your shopping!

BeadXpert Team


Q: Do you have a physical store?
A: No, we operate online exclusively

Q: What are your best sellers?
A: Our best sellers include: Black onyx, howlite, rose quartz, amethyst, aventurine, lepidolite, fossil japser, carnelian, turquoise, angelite, agate, malachite, garnet,cherry quartz, picture jasper, amazonite, Labradorite, lapis, gray quartz, hematite, wood beads, blood stone, indian agate, fluorite, tiger eye, jade, citrine, clear quartz, tourmaline, aquamarine, moonstone, lava, sandlewood, green sandlewood, black sandlewood, red sandlewood, tiger skin sandlewood, rosewood, buddha seed, rudraksha, wenge wood, silkwood etc...

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